FULTON, MD — Impact Soundworks has released Tokyo Scoring Strings, a sample library featuring the sounds of Koichiro Muroya Strings, Japan’s top session string ensemble heard on countless world-renowned video game and anime soundtracks. This is the first sample library that sets out to capture the distinctive Japanese studio sound and make it available to composers around the world.

The distinguishing characteristics of Japanese strings include smaller ensemble sizes recorded in focused studio spaces, which lend themselves to more agile playing, as well as an emphasis on perfection and accuracy. Tokyo Scoring Strings features five independently-recorded sections (Violins 1, Violins 2, Viola, Cello, Bass) in a typical Japanese ensemble size (8/6/4/4/3) suitable for small and large productions alike, captured at the famed Sound City recording studio by Mitsunori Aizawa, one of the most in-demand engineers in Japan.

Tokyo Scoring Strings offers a comprehensive set of articulations, dynamics, and legato types, all of which can be customized and mapped to the user’s preference. Four variable legato speeds allow for both expressive and nimble writing, ideal for both traditional scoring as well as rock & pop productions. The library’s powerful script engine also includes a groundbreaking new “Lookahead Mode,” allowing for expressive and nuanced performances with minimal MIDI editing.

“Even though Japanese video games, anime, and movies have been a huge part of Western culture for decades, the orchestral sound supporting them has been totally missing from the world of virtual instruments,” said library lead developer Andrew Aversa. “It’s my great honor to have worked with a ‘dream team’ of Japanese talent to finally bring that distinct sound to the world through Tokyo Scoring Strings.”

Tokyo Scoring Strings is now available for Kontakt Player at the introductory price of $399 through December 31st (MSRP $449) at Impact Soundworks.


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