Impact Soundworks Releases SHREDDAGE BASS 2 for Kontakt

Impact Soundworks released today SHREDDAGE BASS 2, their flagship electric bass virtual instrument for KONTAKT PLAYER. Featuring the clean (DI) sound of a six string, custom-made Muckelroy bass recorded through a UA610 analog tube preamp, the library is ideal for not only rock and metal styles, but also jazz, pop, funk, blues, and much more. Shreddage Bass 2 is available for the list price of $119 and is compatible with any DAW that supports the free Kontakt Player sampler.

Shreddage Bass 2 includes over 11,000+ samples covering all crucial articulations and noises recorded in great detail. Each string and each fret have been individually sampled for maximum realism, with up to 32 samples per fret, per articulation – which include sustains, pops, harmonics, staccatos, hammer-on & pull-off, and portamento slides. The instrument’s range starts at a sub-shaking low G and extends four and a half octaves, making it flexible enough to perform most any bass riff.

The library is powered by an advanced script engine, created from Impact Soundworks’ years of experience producing acclaimed virtual guitars. MIDI notes are played back with realistic voicings, fret, and string selection, an algorithm that can be adjusted in great detail. Every articulation can be remapped to velocity, MIDI CC, or keyswitch. A slew of advanced tweaking controls are available to further customize the instrument to the user’s taste and playing style.

SHREDDAGE BASS 2 is available now at the Impact Soundworks web store for the list price of $119 as a digital download, with support for the free Kontakt Player. Owners of the original Shreddage Bass library are entitled to a $99 upgrade price.

For more information about SHREDDAGE BASS 2, including video demos, requirements, and full product manual, please visit: