Impact Soundworks Releases Pearl Concert Grand for Kontakt Player

The Beauty of Pearl

Featuring a meticulously-sampled Yamaha C7, Pearl Concert Grand is the new flagship piano instrument from Impact Soundworks. Four unique microphone perspectives offer a dramatic range of sounds, making the library well-suited for a variety of uses. Composers and producers will enjoy the immediate playability and meticulous sampling, along with a powerful and flexible script engine.

Pearl was designed first and foremost to be a joy to play – whether the composer is performing bombastic pieces from the Romantic era, soft cinematic underscore, intimate jazz, or anything in between.

Script Engine

The KONTAKT engine for Pearl provides users with extensive control over mixing, effects, and “under-the-hood” settings. Each microphone position can be independently mixed (volume, stereo) with per-channel routing, EQ, and compression. A global, analog-modeled effects rack is included as well, with tape saturation, compression, EQ and convolution reverb with more than 30 custom impulse responses designed just for Pearl.

Full control over the instrument’s velocity response curve and tuning is available, allowing advanced users to create custom curves, scales, and microtuning. Several dozen presets are also provided allowing for easy switching between common curves, scales, and full-instrument timbres.

At a Glance
• Yamaha C7 grand piano library recorded in a concert hall
• 14,000+ / 40gb of samples (16 and 24-bit)
• Four mic perspectives: Close, Pedal, Stage, Hall
• 8 dynamic layers, 2 round robins per note
• Sustain pedal on & off samples
• Chromatic key & pedal release samples
• Powerful and elegant UI
• $99 intro pricing, compatible with free Kontakt Player

System Requirements
• Requires KONTAKT or the free KONTAKT PLAYER 5.3 (or higher)
• 13gb disk space (16-bit samples), 26gb disk space (24-bit samples)
• 4gb of RAM required, 8gb recommended

For more info, please visit:
Available now for direct download!
Intro pricing: $99 through April 21, 2015
MSRP: $119