Impact Soundworks has released Hammer Klavier, a virtual instrument featuring an experimental piano that has had its felt hammers replaced with real metal hammers. The physical instrument was created by musical YouTuber Mattias Krantz, who partnered with Impact Soundworks to bring this unique sound to a wider audience.

In addition to its rich, bright tone, Hammer Klavier offers the dynamic responsiveness of a regular piano and much greater versatility than the typical prepared piano. Every key has been individually sampled with 6 dynamic layers and 2 round robins. This instrument is not just a sound design tool but a fully playable piano with a unique hard attack akin to a harpsichord. It was built with the same care and detail that went into Impact Soundworks’ acclaimed Pearl Concert Grand virtual piano. Hammer Klavier is the first instrument in the new Engineer Series, an ongoing partnership between Impact Soundworks and Mattias Krantz.

“When I first saw Mattias’ video where he showed the entire painstaking process of replacing all those hammers, I couldn’t believe how good the final result sounded,” said Andrew Aversa, founder and lead developer of Impact Soundworks. “I knew we could create something really special by sampling it.”

The virtual instrument also features additional sound design tools, dozens of effects, and customizable key action for pianists and composers alike to sculpt their perfect tone.

Hammer Klavier is now available for Kontakt Player at MSRP $69 at the Impact Soundworks store.

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