Ilio announces Hornberg HB1 midi breath station

ILIO and Hornberg Research have announced that ILIO is now distributing the Hornberg hb1 MIDI Breath Station exclusively in North America. The hb1 MIDI Breath Station from Hornberg Research lets you add natural expression to any electronic instrument or peripheral device with MIDI or USB. Breath controllers have long been used to add nuance and detail to standard keyboard performances. The hb1 MIDI Breath Station was designed by electronic engineer Martin Raschke and film composer Mick Baumeister to address their concerns over what they saw as shortcomings of current controllers on the market.

The hb1 MIDI Breath Station comes with a finely tuned precision sensor, connected to a crafted wooden mouthpiece by a flexible silicon tube. From there it is connected to the controller unit by a sensor cable. Two mouthpieces are supplied in different sizes so that the most comfortable can be chosen for use. Additionally, the hb1 MIDI Breath Station comes with a MIDI-merger, an integrated MIDI-interface, and many customized parameters to help set the stage for a high precision and richly expressive performance of your ideas, whether in studio or live.

The hb1 MIDI Breath Station can connect to any MIDI device via MIDI or USB and can be assigned to any MIDI CC# to control expression, volume, modulation wheel assignments, and anything else you can imagine. The hb1 MIDI Breath Station can be purchased in the US and Canada through ILIO. More information can be found at

Hornberg Research was founded in May 2013 by electronic engineer Martin Raschke and film composer Mick Baumeister, combining years of professional experience. Their shared vision, together with Edwin Lorenz’s expertise, was to develop a premium quality controller that brings ease and precision into musical performances.

Hornberg Research is distributed in North America by ILIO. ILIO is a distributor of top music software titles geared toward professional musicians, film composers, and producers. Their exclusive product line includes Spectrasonics (Omnisphere 2, Trilian, Stylus RMX), Vienna Symphonic Library, Synthogy (Ivory II virtual piano collections), Applied Acoustics Systems and Overloud. ILIO also develops sample libraries and patch libraries on various platforms.