Every once in a while a movie comes out that surprises you when you least expect it. Does Love Last Forever? did just that to me. At first I thought it was just poorly mixed film but as it progressed toward the end I noticed a strange shift in sound. It started to become more and more inaudible. The background started came to front to mask the dialog and details you heard before started to fade away. At the end I got a message that the film was also a hearing test. How cool was that. But it didn’t end there. Right after the movie ended, you have a chance to take the hearing test yourself which was nice but I did noticed some things that to me, at point didn’t make any sense. At one point it ask you what sound do you hear coming from the kitchen? But, there are several or at least two sounds that came from what I though was a kitchen. Either way, the film is actually rather good with a nice story and cool test to see how well can you hear.

You can check out the film at the Does Love Last Forever? website and see the trailer and how it was made below.