Knights, the Cavalry, the Three Musketeers, Cowboys, Indians, Arnold Schwarzenegger in TRUE LIES: The cool guys sit on horses. That descriptions of Horses sound library is pretty cool, scratch that, it’s actually awesome. As you have guessed we will be reviewing the Horses library from Boom library.


Horses consists of cca. 9 GB of various movements, voices and Foley recordings. This pack also features a Kontakt version for direct to film sync which is pretty cool but I have to say it’s is not really ground braking in terms of Kontakt libraries – which is perfectly fine. The sound are delivered at 192 KHz and some in 96 Khz at 24 bit and as an addition you will be also receiving the 48 KHz version for previewing.

Kontakt patch

All of the sounds that you are getting with Horses library are available for you to use, so if you prefer you can use them without Kontakt. That out of the way lets share some words on Kontakt patch.

In order to use this patch (found directly in main folder) you will have to own a full version of Kontakt. That may be a minus for those who don’t own a full version of Kontakt. The patch contains various sounds with multiple round robins which again is a nice feature in this kind of patch. You don’t want the same sound over and over again.

Having said that, the round robins are the only feature that this patch contains. You can check out the video demonstration of the patch below. Some low or high pass filter would be a nice addition to the Kontakt patch but in all honesty it is not really a deal breaker here.


Like with most libraries from Boom library, this one doesn’t disappoint. The sounds are recorded really well and for most occasions. Whether its voice, movement or other props you will find them in this pack. Again, like with most libraries Boom library makes, these are pretty niche sounds containing only horse related sounds, so for a full list of sounds be sure to check out the data sheet available at the Boom library website.

There really isn’t much to nitpick here so let’s focus our attention on whether this pack is something you should buy or skip.

Value vs Price

To directly answer the previous question, the answer would be: it depends on you and what you need. The library surely does contain a lot of various horse sounds and if your project is in need one then I don’t see the reason why you wouldn’t invest in such a library. This sample pack holds the same price as most Boom libraries at 149 EUROS. The Kontakt patch is also a nice addition so you can just load a patch and sync the sound to the film or a game.


Horses is a great library and will most likely satisfy even ever so demanding film or a game. The price is ok (standard Boom library price) but the content, Kontakt patch and quality sounds surely justify it.

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Horses review (Boom library)


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Value for money

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