Hiss and a Roar releases Quadcopter & UAV drone

Quadcopters, UAVs & drones are slowly appearing on our screens, requiring practical & appropriate sound effects.. But as source material these quadcopters also provide access to very interesting & dynamic sounds: doppler and proximity movement sounds, ideal for processing & sound design!

This library is the result of a total of ten recording sessions with three specific UAVs: a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, an FPV 250 racing quad and a tiny CX10 toy quadcopter. The Phantom 3 is a larger GPS stabilised quadcopter, while the FPV 250 is far smaller/lighter but also far faster. Both are capable of movement in three dimensions but the FPV250 is built to be light & highly manouverable (requiring significant skill to fly, let along race) whereas the DJI by default is far more forgiving…

Take off, hover, passbys at various speeds & proximities, close movement, ascent, descent and overhead perspectives as well as landing are all covered in this library, as well as onboard DJI P3.

5.6GB download • 7.8GB uncompressed as 33 x 24bit 192kHz .WAV files