In this special roundup we look at some of the best sound effects libraries for Halloween. Some of sound effects libraries also feature mini reviews.

Just Gore by Soundbits

Fantasticaly recorded, a lot of variety and a freaking chainsaw sound effects. I was really surprised with the quality of Just Gore. There is no multi takes but each sound is nicely organized into its dedicated category. Currently (27. 10. 2016) available for 20 bucks.

Ferocious Creatures by Tonsturm

If you want to know what Chewbacca on steroids sounds like, check this sound effects library. You can’t go wrong with Tonsturm and its Ferocious Creatures. Read the full review here.

Gore and Slaughter by Tonsturm

Another Tonsturm library on the list. There is a reason for it of course. Gore and Slaughter is a nasty sound effects library. Check out full review for more information.

Cinematic Gore by The Sound Keeper

Compared to Just Gore, this library is much much more Hollywood like. The sounds are more in your face rather then being subtle. If you need quick fix of quality sound effects this is definitely library worth checking out.

Dehumaniser II by Krotos

Not a library per se but definitely worth checking out. You can create all sorts of creatures with it and 2nd version also works inside your DAW. Read the full review here.

Medieval Weapons by Boom library

This isn’t a particularly as Halloween library but it features sounds that can enchance above mentioned sound effects. Personally I consider Medieval Weapons one of the best libraries from Boom. The value is much higher than the price suggests (Construction kit).

Zombie Apocalypse by Blastwave FX

The Zombie Apocalypse Sound Effects Library is a collection of 666 horrifying sounds that will help you survive the chaos and panic of designing the ultimate sound effects for the outbreak of your next apocalyptic project.

Swamp Thingy by Kuulas Sound

Swamp Thingy is inspired by the Finnish nature. Swamps are the place where you can relax with thousands of mosquitos. Beside that it has lots of nasty sounds that people might not notice. Deep and wet bog holes can produce a wide range of very nasty slimy, muddy, burpy, splashy and sucky sounds.

Pigs FX by SonicSalute

Because pigs :) Terrifying squeals, grunts, barks, and sneeze from adult pigs weighing up to 400 lbs, and ambiences from the stables.

Squeaks and Creaks Two by RDGsoundFX

A collection of squeaking and creaking sounds – nearly two hours in total, from a wide range of sources.

Halloween 101 by Soundopolis

Halloween 101 is a great collection of sounds for your spooktacular projects! Inside are eerie ambiences; ghosts and zombies; human grunts, dying, screaming, and wailing; bloody gore; blade sounds, glass breaks, squeaky floors and doors, and so much more!

High Desert Winds by Thomas Rex Beverly

Blustery sounds of High Desert Winds in this collection of highly provocative winds recorded in the resonant mountains of west Texas.

Metal Atmosphere by Mindful Audio

Collection of contact microphone recordings of wire fences vibrating in the wind.

Devil Dog HD Pro by The Recordist

Introducing Dixie, a very special English Bull Terrier with an amazing vocal ability that is unlike anything you have ever heard before. She is special because she is completely deaf and cannot hear what comes out of her mouth. She is loved and cared for by some friends here in town and they graciously allowed me to come to their home and record her. The Devil Dog HD Professional SFX Library contains over 800 individual Zombie-like sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 192kHz presented on 60 tracks.