Today we will be looking at the new SFX library from Glitchedtones called Feedback Loops FX and Atmopsheres.

Feedback Loop FX & Atmospheres features a 1, 5 GB of feedback noise created by no-input mixer using Behringer Eurorack UB802. There are approximately 200 sounds at a 96 KHz and 24 bit. For 10 bucks I have to say that this library is fairly a no brainer. Here is what the developer has to say about it.

For inventive navigation tones, future technology sounds, glitch elements, horror atmospheres, corrupted audio flows and more, this original sound collection will serve as a versatile palette for sound designers/editors/artists, music producers and anyone looking for interesting audio artifacts.

Once downloaded, you will be presented with a few categories each containing a specific sound. Each sound varies slightly from another but all together keep the same theme. The whole pack is fairly niche since it includes a lot of glitch/hum/noise type sounds and drones.

Overall I have to say that the quality is great if one can judge the noise samples. By that I mean that the sounds are well edited with nice low and high end. Also, the sounds are really usable especially if you are using them as in the example I made.

In the example above I only used samples as they are. No processing was done.

At this price it is hard to argue content or the quality of the sound pack. In addition a basic metadata is added using Soundly so you should be able to find sounds in your software (Soundminer, Basehead).


If you are in need of special hum, noise, glitch sounds than this library is a no brainer. For $10 US you will get plenty of content to play with. I am sure Feedback loops FX Atmospheres will find its home in various games and films.

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GlitchedTones Feedback Loop FX & Atmospheres mini review


Variety of sounds

Sound Quality


Value for money

  • Plenty of content
  • Value for money
  • Well edited
  • Not for every occasion
  • Metadata could be a bit better
4.7Overall Score
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