The first-of-its-kind integration will allow users to add tracks to Spotify playlists in exchange for a charity donation.

Online fundraising platform GivePenny today announced its Spotify integration, a new way to allow music-lovers to raise money for charity. The Spotify integration enables users to create a playlist in the name of their chosen charity, to which songs can be added by friends and family in exchange for a donation.

“We want to give music lovers a way to raise money for charity that’s personal and fun,” says Lee Clark, Founder and Chief Everything Officer at GivePenny, “If Charity Singles have taught us anything, it’s that people will buy bad music for a good cause! We wanted to give everyone something better. We’re passionate about the music we love, it connects us to each other and evokes our favourite memories. Playlist Fundraising with GivePenny allows people to harness that passion to raise money for a good cause.”

Features and benefits of GivePenny Spotify integration include:

  • Fast, easy and secure charity donation process
  • Any track on Spotify can be added to a fundraising playlist
  • Playlist featured on an easily shareable and fully customisable page within the GivePenny website
  • No signup to Spotify or GivePenny required in order to make a donation
  • Minimum charity donation just 50p, although the user is free to increase their donation
  • Over 70 registered charities to choose from, to support a wide range of causes

GivePenny’s Spotify integration is available now. For more information on GivePenny’s Spotify integration visit our Playlist Fundraising blog post.

About GivePenny: A tech-for-good start up, dedicated to fundraising innovation. GivePenny is a unique charity sponsorship platform that uses a combination of app integration and unique donation methods to enrich the fundraising experience.

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