G-Sonique releases PsyKick AK1

PsyKick AK1 is psytrance / goatrance / darkpsy / hitech trance kick drum generator / synthesizer that can be used of course in all other electronic music styles.

You probably heard many times that in good psytrance track you should fine tune bass so it works fine with kick drum. But vice versa you should fine tune kick drum too, if you want to get that right drive and dancefloor groove – killing combination of perfectly tuned kick and bass.

PsyKick AK1 allows you to create and fine tune in detail any type of well known psytrance kick drums as: Isrealy full on psytrance kick drums, Modern deep percussive proggy kick drums, Russian curious psykicks, Hitech trance killer kicks, Oldskool analog goa trance drums but of course also new and original kickdrums never heard before that will make your production unique and help you get your own sound and “signature”.

PsyKick AK1 is full of features like: 2 generators /oscillators with 21 types of kick drums
2x fully customizable exponential (analog style) envelope follower to set any type of pitch deformation of kick oscillator. Special analog style bass boost as well as transient/treble exciter to get sharp bashing of kick drums. Included are 9 filters, overall amp envelope and other special features.


– 2x Kick generator / oscillator
with 21 types of kick drums:

Russian, Lazer, Aggressive, Heavy 1, Heavy 2, Heavy 3, Hitech, Fullon 1, Fullon 2, Stone, Plastic, Sine, Deep heavy, Modern proggy, Proggy 1, Proggy 2, Proggy 3, Proggy 4, Proggy 5, Proggy 6, Proggy 7

with tone, start (phase delay), and volume knob + octave selector.

– 2x exponential (analog) pitch envelope for every kick generator

Analog and digital filters with cutoff and resonance (Q):
G-Low pass, Low pass, Vint.analog LP, 303 type Low pass, High pass, G-High pass, Bandpass, G-Band pass, Peaking, NONE FILTER

– Analog heavy bass boost / Saturation module with bass freq, q, soft enhance, saturation, vol. of saturation knobs
– Treble / Transients enhancer to get right click and high freq. energy of kick drum
– Graphical Multi-Stage Amplitude envelope
– Preset manager with more than 40 psy kick drum presets

PRODUCT PAGE: http://www.g-sonique.com/psykickak1-vsti-psytrance-kick-drum-generator.html
DEMO DOWNLOAD: http://www.g-sonique.com/demos.html
Standard price: 29.90 Eur
Introductory price only for first 100 customers: 19.90 Eur.