Free Retro Game Sounds Library

The Motion Monkey’s free retro arcade game sounds library is available for free download now.

It contains over 300 original sound effects inspired by the retro arcade classics of the late 80’s to early 90’s, in uncompressed 24-Bit wav, ogg and m4a formats.

The sounds are released under CC0, so are free to use in any project (even commercial), without the need for attribution.

Just some of the sound types included are:

  • Explosions (great for shoot ’em ups)
  • Weapons (including guns, bombs and weapons of a more sci-fi nature)
  • Impacts (great for beat ’em ups/hack and slash/brawlers, including hand to hand combat)
  • Arcade style speech (including “Game Over”, “Power Up”, “Bonus”)
  • Vehicles
  • A massive collection of miscellaneous sounds (including generic retro sounds, insert coin, beeps, swipes, clicks, electricity, etc.)

You can download them now here:

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