Eplex7 DSP has released new collection Vol.2 of Analog Modular FX samples in cooperation with psytrance producer Twisted Kala.

The sample pack contains 38 FX samples made with Analog Modular synthesizer, that are available for free download only at Eplex7 website.

All the package is based on the study how to make drones sounds. It means long fade In or fade Out moving on a really slow rate (or faster rate when the drone becomes a fade In or Fade Out).

These samples are made for producers of any kind of electronic music. They’re also adapted for Trance Music, Psychedelic Music, DarkPsy, Underground Music, Dance Music, Psycore, Hardcore, Dark proggresive …. As there is many different types of FX, drones, fade out and fade In in this package. Some can be used also in video games….

The sounds provide strong emotions to the tracks and work well in initial or final section of a track. Some samples can also feat in slow Fade In, slow Fade out during 4 or 8 beats of a part of the track.

The basis for the creation of sounds is modular synthesizer, that is from a big part made on DIY basis (do it by yourself) from customizable modules with using kits.

For this sample pack have been used:

– 2 even VCOs from Befaco (DIY modules)
– Rampage in LFO mode from Befaco (DIY module)
– BF22 filter from Befaco (DIY module)
– Peaks from Mutable Instruments in LFO mode
– Eloquencer from Winter Modular for the clock
Then were the sounds processed in the DAW and the effects like delay, reverb or pan were added.


– File format: *.WAV
– Compatibility: MAC & WIN
– Size: 97,7 MB

List of samples:

– metallic jump
– metallic multivoices frog 186 bpm
– Mooving FX
– multi frogs
– Multivoices spiral fade out
– night being walk
– night storm
– One shot Jump
– One shot
– Psyche laugh
– Raw In Out
– scary drone
– Short dark drone
– Slow down hight frequencies
– Slow left right down
– slow pan multivoices
– slow twisted fad in
– Slow Up
– Snake
– Spacy down
– Spacy multivoices
– Spacy spiral
– Spiral fade out
– Spiral long fade out
– Spiral
– storm
– trange metallic walk 186 Bpm
– Twisted Drop down
– Twisted fad in delay
– twisted long down
– Twisted Shot
– video game
– volcano
– Voltage fade out
– Walk the stairs 186 Bpm
– weird drop
– weird gate 186 Bpm
– weird high down

Free for download at product page.

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