ELIAS Software releases Version 1.7 of ELIAS Music Engine

ELIAS Software, the Sweden-based company with an eye on improving immersion within the gaming industry through adaptive music, today announced the release of the ELIAS Engine and ELIAS Composer’s Studio version 1.7.

This latest version offers exciting new features including “Action Presets”, which allows composers and developers to delve even deeper into customization and provides greater control. The update also applies to the ELIAS Unity plugin so users will need to download the latest version from eliassoftware.com

The ELIAS approach has always been one of user-friendliness combined with powerful results and the company has taken yet another step along the road of video game realism. Action Presets is a new feature, which adds an additional layer of customization, giving composers even more control over their music and redefining what it means to have truly outstanding and epic game music.

“As the composers are obviously the people with the best handle on their music, it’s important to us that they have as much control as possible. With Action Presets, there are fewer surprises when the composer hears their music in a game so they can be confident that they will always know how their creation is going to sound.”
– Kristofer Eng, CEO.

As for the developer’s ease-of-use, another new feature is a higher level layer, which simplifies the work of integrating ELIAS by providing tools such as built-in audio file decoders and output format conversions. Another big update is that support for both iOS and Android is now available for Unity alongside the regular SDK. The studio now also runs on Mac OS 10.8.5 and above.

A key component of ELIAS Software’s work is ensuring that both composers and developers can work in harmony with minimal fuss and the best possible communication.

“A very important aspect for us as a music middleware provider is to facilitate communication between composers and developers. Action Presets is the latest step towards that goal.”
– Philip Bennefall, Head of Development.

Version 1.7 certainly packs a punch as there are plenty more features under the hood. For example, the engine now allows stingers (musical emphasis) to overlap whenever possible, in order to reduce the delay between stingers and other events.

An impressive improvement on the already winning formula of the ELIAS Engine and the Composer’s Studio and with even more power hidden behind a deceptively minimalist interface, this update ensures that adaptive music will shine in the game music arena.