Today we will be looking at a new product from SampleTraxx called Electronic Drain. The SFX pack features, as the name suggests, a nice amount of electronic type sounds ranging from sparks, bleeps, designed sounds and other electronic mayhem.

Electronic drain isn’t big in terms of GB (roughly 1 GB) but it features around 290 samples which is about the right amount for the price. The whole pack will set you back around 44 EURs or $49 US.

Like with previous packs SampleTraxx offers, Electronic Drain is made up of few categories that set apart the samples. You have bleeps which feature one shot creative glitches, a special glitch folder, current flow which are the longer electric hums and few others.

The sound quality of the recorded samples is great and same with the designed ones but it is really hard to tell which is which and that is pretty cool. All of the samples were recorded in 96 KHz and 24 bit so you will have plenty of room to stretch the sound.

In addition the developer also started providing the Kontakt patches with their samples which is quite nice but nothing special in terms of playability and control. One shots play as the name suggests and other samples loop. Looping is definitely a nice addition as it will remove the process of doing it yourself.

Another thing that the SampleTraxx have missed is the metadata. Sure they provide a document with file list but no metadata in a file or a document. So, if you have a big library already finding these samples might be a bit difficult as the names are quite creative. Some samples offer a clue of what they sound like by their name but those are mostly one shot samples. Others have a name and a numerical number (Interface design_1,2,3 etc).

ED_3 ED_2 ED_1


Electronic Drain is a fine library with fantastic sound quality for the price. It won’t suit everyone’s needs but it can be a great addition to your SFX palette. The lack of metadata might be a turn off for people with large amount samples and the price is really tempting.

Overall the SFX pack is great and I am sure it will find many uses in games and motion picture.

Electronic Drain review


Sound quality

Variety of sounds

Value for money


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