Edmsoundware released BONUS FREE ‘Synister Schranz Acid Techno Pack 2’ a freeware soundpack for the Synister synthesizer created by Students of the Tu Berlin, and 3 Daws.

Soundpack was built to give You 2 Various Techno templates which can be opened in 3 various DAWS. Each of Daw Project that is inside this soundpack, are presented in audio demo that you can prehear them easly. In the pack you will find also soundset and midi files from audio demos.

‘Synister Schranz Acid Techno Pack 2’ is free to download at the Edmsoundware website, when you buy minimum 5 payware products. When subscribing to newsletter you recive 25 precent discount coupon for first shopping !

Pack Information:

​- 2 Various Techno construction kits in: FL Studio 11, FL Studio 20, Waveform Free formats.

Names: Classic Schranz, Acid Schranz 2

– Soundset:28 presets from audio demos

– Midi files:28 presets from audio demos

– Text file with description in English and German languages, how to use product and requirments.

Download link:


Fl Studio 11 or 20 by Image Line or Waveform free by Tracktion, Freeware: Synister synthesizer created by Students of the Tu Berlin, OrilRiver by Denis Tihanov, Spaceship Delay by Music Entropy and Loudmax by Thomas Mundt are required. Percussion sounds are also done with Synister synth.




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