EarMaster ApS just released a new Teacher version of the award-winning ear training software EarMaster. This new teacher version is available now on PC and Mac as part of the company’s educational solution EarMaster Cloud. It makes it possible to customize all the activities of EarMaster 7 and turn them into assignments and homework. The disciplines covered are ear training, sight-singing, sight-reading, rhythmic training and music theory fundamentals.

Music teachers can now take full control of EarMaster 7’s wide range of features and options.

When used with an EarMaster Cloud teacher account, EarMaster 7 now unlocks a brand new Teaching Mode with 4 educational tools:

Workbook Editor
To create custom sight-singing and ear training assignments for students.

Assignment manager
To easily distribute custom assignments to entire classes or single students.

Student results
To monitor student results, with both general overviews and detailed stats, export functions, HTML rendering, and more.

Music library
To manage all the musical items used in a teacher’s custom lessons, such as scores, chords, chord progressions, melodies, scales and more. The score section of the library is filled with jazz standards and can be expanded with custom melodies via MusicXML import (from Finale, Sibelius, Musescore, Notion, etc.). Furthermore, the rumor has it that EarMaster’s Music Library might soon include a lot more…

Ear training and music theory are disciplines that many music students fear or neglect. But they are absolutely essential to becoming a good musician. EarMaster Teacher 7 makes is possible for music teachers to integrate music technology into the music classroom in a painless and streamlined way, and thereby to motivate their students with a tool that corresponds to their digital habits.

”With EarMaster, my students are spending over 4 hours a week on ear training and music theory.
This never happened with the other teaching aids I used in the past!” – Denis Jacquest, Region Conservatory of Perpignan, France

The exercises of EarMaster 7 are made available through a series of courses and workshops for all skill levels, including a special set of workshops for Jazz. The lessons of EarMaster 7 were designed by music teachers from renowned music schools and cover most levels. They are a perfect way to prepare for AP Music Theory, ABRSM, RCM, Trinity and similar exam standards.

EarMaster Teacher 7 is available as part of an EarMaster Cloud license, which is sold as prepaid yearly licenses starting from US$3 per student or teacher account. EarMaster Cloud includes unlimited access to EarMaster on any PC, Mac or iPad for students, and to EarMaster Teacher 7 on PC and Mac, as well as unlimited email support provided by qualified in-house staff.

Prospective schools can obtain a free demo account in order to test the functionality of the new Teacher version and EarMaster Cloud more generally on the website of EarMaster.

English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, and more on their way.

”I have been a big EarMaster fan for many years!” – Damien Nolan, Guitarist for Pete Townshend (The Who), Skunk Anansie, VV Brown, Katie Melua and more.

EarMaster ApS is a Danish music software company founded in 1994 and located in the city Aarhus, also dubbed as ‘the city of smiles.’ What drives the EarMaster company is a passion for music in all its shapes and colors. Our mission: develop the best software possible to help improve music education. In 2017, EarMaster was nominated for a NAMM TEC Award in the Best Educational Tool category.

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