Continuing from where we left of in the creature/animal libraries section of our reviews, we will be looking at the two slightly older libraries from Boom library. Dogs and Horses are their names. In this review we will take a look at Dogs – sounds from 33 different species of dogs that you can use in your projects.


Dogs comes as 7+ GB download package of various growls, snarls, barks and other voices produced by your sweet pets. You will find all sorts of breeds here as mentioned – 33 breeds. The dogs sound library is pretty fun to be honest, not to say I don’t have any remarks on it but in overall I think it is a pretty useful pack of sounds whether you will need it for further sound design or use them as they are. The whole bundle consists of 192 KHz recording which as you might have guessed is pretty cool since it will allow you many of the fun time stretching hours. You also receive a 48 KHz for previewing the samples, so that is nice as well.


I haven’t had any bad experiences with how Boom library records their sounds. They are top notch and well recorded. With the dogs library it is not much different but as I have mentioned I have some remarks. The sounds are fairly clean and you can hear that they have taken the time to edit them as much as possible but there are still some sounds that could have been better. I am not sure how they found their way into this pack, but at certain points, especially under the “bark” section, you can hear the barks of other dogs in the background. This would be perfectly fine if Boom weren’t recording a specific breed at a time. In my opinion it makes a take unusable but I could be wrong. Personal taste I guess but I would be better off without those samples. I am not saying that there are many of this kind of recording but I have noticed them in a couple of takes. Having said that, the close mic recordings are great without any background distractions.

Recording dogs certainly wasn’t an easy feat and if you have tried it yourself then you probably know all that. In some takes you can hear the room or environment reflection which again is fine but may be an annoyance to others. Perfect examples are bark sounds. The first take is great but as soon as the dog starts barking more than once the reflection of the environment might overlap with the source and also make that take unusable in my opinion.

Those two remarks are the only ones I have about this pack. Other than that I think you get a lot of variation and interesting sounds. Be sure to download the excel sheet list of sounds at the Boom library website prior to making your decision to buy.

Value vs Price

The Dogs library will set you back for around 149 EUROS which isn’t cheap but variety and content does justify its price.


The Dogs sound library is a good pack of various dog breeds but you have to understand that this is a pretty niche sound pack and you are getting a specific sounds in it. Not for everyone it but certainly shouldn’t be neglected. There are some flaws in this pack in my opinion but overall they aren’t a real deal breaker.

The sounds will definitely come useful in sound design (designing creatures or sweetening the sound) or as they are in films or video games.

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Dogs sound library review (Boom library)




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