Digital rain lab releases Driving Forces

Driving Forces is a brand new and ultimately innovative sound effect library of static engine tones from Digital Rain Lab. The pack is dedicated to futuristic engine sounds: from small hovering drones to huge space motherships. It thoughtfully includes various engine categories such as Jet Turbines, Micro motors, and Recordings. The addition of real textures makes the library well balanced and with a lot of flexibility in designing unique vehicle sounds.

Overall, you get the following sounds:
• Jets – all necessary sounds for making either a jet fighter, a passenger plane, or a futuristic vessel – you can have them all. Included in the folder are Servo sounds, Whine sounds, and Roars, as well as some additional flame crackle and pops.

• Micromotors – these are the sounds best fit for quadcopter drones, and various small propeller-driven vehicles. They can also be layered with any big futuristic engine to add a special flavour.

• Recordings – the pack also includes a myriad of useful sonic components such as car engines, air conditioners, blow dryers, gas torch and many others.

• Power Cores – these are the sounds of those powerful devices inside the spaceship engine, that may blaze through while flying, or be heard inside the ship on engineering level.

• Malfunctions – a collection of engine glitch sounds

• Motherships – those huge and deep sounds for the biggest ships of all

Made at 96k/24bit, all sounds are ready for a heavy manipulation, and are tagged with BWF and Soundminer metadata for a faster workflow.