Today we will be looking at a new SFX library from Digital Rain Lab called Driving Forces. Let’s see how you can use this library and if it’s any good. (Side note: There is also a nice article over at a on how to design a spaceship sounds, written by the guys who made the Driving Forces SFX library)

Driving Forces is an innovative sound effects library of static engine tones from Digital Rain Lab. With it, as the developer states, you can create sounds from small hovering drones to huge space motherships. The library itself isn’t that big in terms of GB (3.16 GB unzipped), but it does provide a wide variety of sounds that you can use. Most of the sounds are designed, but there is also a “Recordings” section which provides a few organic sounds.

There are 4 main categories (Jet Turbines, Micro-motors, Recordings, Startups/Shutdowns and Static engine sounds), in which sounds can be found, and some of those categories break down even further. I have to say the library is organized really neatly and you shouldn’t have any issues finding the right sound. One thing to note is that this library does not come with any pass-by sounds, but you can create them yourself quite easily. There isn’t much to dislike in this library. The designed sounds are well-edited and sound pretty good. I particularly enjoyed the designed exhaust sounds which sound fairly realistic.

One thing that had me lifting my eyebrows is somewhat poorly edited recordings. In some cases you can hear a lot of hand movement and even laughter, which doesn’t leave a nice first impression and doesn’t look to professional to be honest. Some recordings also cut too early or fade early. Having said that, these errors are easily fixed (minus early cuts and fades), since they are usually at the end of the file.

The designed sounds on the other hand, like I mentioned before, are really well designed, and you can easily design a basic spaceship sound from them.


In the demo I made you can hear the sounds as they are, with minimal processing. There was some corrective EQ done and minor pitch shifting when the ship lands.


Driving Force is not a perfect SFX library but it does provide a lot of content and the sound of the designed sounds is fantastic. What makes the library great is its usability. One thing I wish there would be more of are the various recordings of hydraulics and other mechanical sounds that could come in handy. What Driving Forces is lacking in organic sounds, it makes up for it in the designed sounds and for that I have to give Digital Rain Lab props.

Sample rate: 96 Khz, 24 bit
File size: 3.16 GB unzipped
Files: 447

Video credits:
Parker Howell
SpaceshipTestA object 1 0173

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Variety of sounds

Sound Quality


Value for money

  • Great sound design
  • Usability
  • Construction kit
  • Recordings could have been edited better
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