Diego Stocco introduces Feedforward Sounds series

I’m really proud to present you guys my new series of advanced and experimental sound design techniques.

This is a self-produced and self-published series that I hope will be positively received, so that I will be able to make the series grow with more videos and contents.

With these videos, I’m sharing with you guys the experience I gained out of years of work and countless hours spent in trying to figure out unique ways to create original sounds and music. I’m offering each video for $9.99, which is a very reasonable sum for any professional, but it’s an accessible number if you’re a student and not yet making money out of your work.

One note, if you’re still learning the basics of your DAW and in general just moving your first steps into the sound design field, I would suggest enhancing your knowledge level a little bit before diving into my Feedforward Sounds series. However, if you’re ready for something on a complete different level feel free to explore FFS01 // Rhythmic Processing!

I wanted to create a series of educational videos that would work as a direction to point at, and not as an absolute destination where everybody ends up at the same time with the same results. I hope you’ll enjoy the experience and feel inspired to create something unique!

More info of the series HERE