Detunized releases Wind Turbines Library

The sound of Wind Farms

Wind Turbines library introduces the sounds of fizzling propeller blades, rotating nacelles, humming transformer stations, mysterious drones and other mechanic noises gathered from inside wind turbine towers. All these specific sounds are complemented by large-field wind farm ambiences.

The library is organised into 7 themes that include takes with a length from 19 seconds to more than 2 minutes
Blade Noises * Drones * Nacelle Rotation * Tower Sounds * Transformer Stations * Ventilation * Wind Farm Ambiences

The Live Pack version contains 131 instrument racks with optimized macro layout and multi-mappings plus a live set for instant overview of all included takes.
The Universal Broadcast WAV version contains 124 categorized takes with embedded loop points and audio browsing applications compatible Broadcast description.


Live Pack
requires Live 8/9, 131 Instrument Racks, 124 clips, 1 set, 1.5 GB
124 takes, 24Bit/48kHz, embedded loop points and description, 1.5 GB

Wind Turbines Libraries are available to purchase as download for 12.00 Euro (Live Pack) and 15.00 Euro (Universal BWAV) at