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We chromatically sampled each of the 88 notes of an expertly tuned Yamaha C2 concert grand piano at 5 velocity layers per note each with key release samples and additional sustain pedal noises for a smoothly cinematic and realistic sound while keeping the instrument CPU and RAM streamlined for real-time playability and use in large projects.

You can freely adjust the sound of the dry recorded samples with our custom 10-band Equalizer, add one of three hand selected reverbs and delay or change the listening position from player to audience – all with the click of a button in our custom interface. You can also choose from four pre-defined velocity response presets to further suit your playing and recording style. All of the effect parameters are fully automatable to give you even more flexibility to shape the sound of the piano at the DAW level or in real time using hardware controllers.


The combination of these intuitive interface controls, the meticulously recorded samples and intricate scripting for realistic pedaling and sustain modeling make the Cinematic Grand the perfect choice for productions ranging from classical, jazz and contemporary pop to ambience, soft rock and of course film scoring.

The warm tone of this piano blends beautifully with accompanying instruments or cuts right through the mix. The Cinematic Grand shines as a solo instrument in spacious halls or intimate rooms. It puts you in control of the sound but remains as simple and intuitive as a real piano. We hope it will inspire you to write great music.

Technical specifications

– 16 bit / 48Khz
– 5 velocity layers per note
– 765 discrete samples
– re-pedaling and half-pedaling functionality
– scripted release envelope for realistic damper emulation
– 3 custom Convolution Reverbs

System requirements

– Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.2 o or later required
– Full Retail version of Kontakt 4 (for users with Kontakt 4 latest version)
– 320 MB harddrive space
– Ability to download
– PC 1.8Ghz+, 256 MB ram
– MAC 2.0Ghz+, 256 MB ram

Price: $ 25
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