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There are currently 132 sample libraries from 31 different sample developers. All libraries combined weight approximately 645.47 GB in size. The combined value of all the libraries is $ 12462.48.

Sample library Category Released Sampler Patches Multis Price Developer Website
AEON Melodic Cinematic/Hybrid 2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 315 No $ 299 Heavyocity Website
AEON Rhythmic Cinematic/Hybrid 2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 413 No $ 199 Heavyocity Website
Aurora Cinematic/Hybrid 2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 190 No $ 199 Fluffy Audio Website
Cinematic Synthetic Drums Cinematic/Hybrid 2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 1 No 0 Free Impact Soundworks Download
Damage Cinematic/Hybrid 2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 900 No $ 299 Heavyocity Website
DidgHybridoo Cinematic/Hybrid 2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 13 No $ 49 Fluffy Audio Website
Gravity Cinematic/Hybrid 2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 1200 No $ 449 Heavyocity Website
Hybrid Injection Cinematic/Hybrid 2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 150 No £ 19 SampleCraft LLC Website
Reflection Cinematic/Hybrid 2016 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 200 No £ 59.95 Resomonics Website
REV Cinematic/Hybrid 2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 1000 No $ 199 Output Website
The Forge Cinematic/Hybrid 2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 200 No $ 189 Epic Soundlab Website
The Forge Player Cinematic/Hybrid 2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments) 1 No $ 39 Epic Soundlab Website

About sample library database

Sample library database was designed because of the trend of many small sample library developers and since the number of sample libraries is growing stronger every year it has become really hard to find all of the information on one place. Sample library database was designed to be a public listing for and by sample developers.

Note: It will always be free to list your sample library with us. The links to your products will never become commercial.

Adding a library

You can submit a your library here. If you do not have a password already then please contact us at info[at] Please try to be as accurate as possible in your listings. Do not use any superlatives in any of the fields.