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There are currently 132 sample libraries from 31 different sample developers. All libraries combined weight approximately 645.47 GB in size. The combined value of all the libraries is $ 12462.48.

Sample libraryCategoryReleasedSamplerPatchesMultisPriceDeveloperWebsite
101 Bass & Lead Techno Loops Vol​.​2 MIDI + WAV (Sample Pack)Synthesizer2019 SFZ Player6 No$ 14.90 SoundsLoops.comWebsite
AEON MelodicCinematic/Hybrid2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)315 No$ 299 HeavyocityWebsite
AEON RhythmicCinematic/Hybrid2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)413 No$ 199 HeavyocityWebsite
African Tube PercussionPercussion instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 16 Sonic ZestWebsite
Ancient ChordophoneVintage instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)20 No$ 9 Frozen PlainWebsite
AuroraCinematic/Hybrid2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)190 No$ 199 Fluffy AudioWebsite
Bangin' & Hard Techno Loops (Sample Pack WAV)Drums2020 SFZ Player1 No$ 15 Lunar Panda RecordingsWebsite
BellsPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)307€ 16 AudioThingWebsite
Berlin StringsStrings2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)5 No€ 840 Orchestral ToolsWebsite
Blakus CelloStrings2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)40 No$ 125 EmbertoneWebsite
CantusVocals2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)4 No€ 139.30 Best ServiceWebsite
Chang ErhuEthnic instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 85 EmbertoneWebsite
Chapman TrumpetBrass2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)3 No$ 30 EmbertoneWebsite
Cinematic GrandPianos2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 49 AntisampleWebsite
Cinematic Strings 2Strings2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 399 Alex and DavidWebsite
Cinematic Synthetic DrumsCinematic/Hybrid2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No 0 FreeImpact Soundworks Download
Classic Old School HardTechno & Schranz Loops Vol​.​2 (Sample Pack WAV)Drums2020 SFZ Player6 No$ 14.90 SoundsLoops.comWebsite
Classic Old-School HardTechno Loops (Sample Pack WAV)Drums2019 SFZ Player1 No£ 20.79 Lunar Panda RecordingsWebsite
ColourformSound design2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)20 No$ 39 Frozen PlainWebsite
Crystal FluteWinds2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 20 EmbertoneWebsite
DamageCinematic/Hybrid2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)900 No$ 299 HeavyocityWebsite
Dark Dimensions Vol. 1Sound design2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)31 No$ 59.00 Audio ImperiaWebsite
Dark Rolling Techno (Sample Pack WAV)Drums2020 SFZ Player6 No$ 11.90 SoundsLoops.comWebsite
DidgHybridooCinematic/Hybrid2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)13 No$ 49 Fluffy AudioWebsite
DM - 307Drums2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1500300$ 299 HeavyocityWebsite
Dual Music BoxOther keys2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)24 No$ 8 Frozen PlainWebsite
Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1Sound design2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)19 No$ 35.00 Audio ImperiaWebsite
E-UkuleleGuitars2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No€ 14 AudioWieselWebsite
eBow Mandolin & Acoustic GuitarGuitars2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)2 No$ 16 Sonic ZestWebsite
EKR490Synthesizer2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)2 No€ 14 AudioThingWebsite
ElementsPercussion instruments2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)16030$ 139 ZapZornWebsite
Epic LaundryPercussion instruments2009 Kontakt (Native Instruments)60 No$ 29 SampleOddityWebsite
Fischer ViolaStrings2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 125 EmbertoneWebsite
Frame drumsPercussion instruments2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)19 No€ 20 AudioThingWebsite
Friedlander ViolinStrings2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)40 No$ 125 EmbertoneWebsite
GlassPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)107€ 12 AudioThingWebsite
GlockenpillarPercussion instruments2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)3 No$ 15 EmbertoneWebsite
GravityCinematic/Hybrid2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1200 No$ 449 HeavyocityWebsite
Hammered Acoustic Guitar CoreGuitars2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)7 No€ 45 AudioWieselWebsite
Hammered Acoustic Guitar FX & PercussionGuitars2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)44 No€ 45 AudioWieselWebsite
Hammered ChordophoneVintage instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)8 No$ 25 Frozen PlainWebsite
HarmonicsGuitars2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)12 No€ 19 AudioWieselWebsite
Herring ClarinetWinds2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 99 EmbertoneWebsite
Hybrid InjectionCinematic/Hybrid2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)150 No£ 19 SampleCraft LLCWebsite
Infinity BellsPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)19 No$ 5 EmbertoneWebsite
Ivory WindWinds2012 -Select a sampler-1 No$ 10 EmbertoneWebsite
Jubal FluteWinds2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 15 EmbertoneWebsite
Jug DrumsPercussion instruments2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)2030$ 25 EmbertoneWebsite
JuggernautSound design2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)600 No$ 99 Impact SoundworksWebsite
Lacrimosa Epic Symphonic Choir (200 Piece)Choirs2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 599 8dioWebsite
Liberis Epic Childrens ChoirChoirs2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)19657$ 499 8dioWebsite
Magical Toy KeyboardSynthesizer2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)25 No€ 5 AudioThingWebsite
MalikiDrums2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)20 No$ 99 Epic SoundlabWebsite
Mars Symphonic Men's ChoirChoirs2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)294109$ 399 SoundironWebsite
Mercury Symphonic BoychoirChoirs2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)92 No$ 399 SoundironWebsite
MilkShakeSynthesizer2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No€ 7 AudioThingWebsite
Monster Cookie TinsPercussion instruments2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)20 No$ 29 SampleOddityWebsite
Mouth TrumpetBrass2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)4 No$ 20 EmbertoneWebsite
Music BoxOther keys2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No€ 10 AudioWieselWebsite
My KeyGlockOther keys2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 14.90 Fluffy AudioWebsite
My Log DrumPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No 0 FreeFluffy Audio Download
My PianoPianos2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 69 Fluffy AudioWebsite
My VibesPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)8 No$ 89 Fluffy AudioWebsite
Ocarina AmayaWinds2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 18 EmbertoneWebsite
Octamorph FESound design2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)100 No$ 59 Epic SoundlabWebsite
Olympus Symphonic ChoirChoirs2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)699229$ 549 SoundironWebsite
OrganettaOther keys2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)6 No€ 16 AudioThingWebsite
OrientalismPercussion instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)5 No$ 16 Sonic ZestWebsite
Pearl Concert GrandPianos2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 119 Impact SoundworksWebsite
Peculiar PercussionPercussion instruments2009 Kontakt (Native Instruments)10 No 0 FreeSampleOddity Download
Percussion HitsPercussion instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)7 No€ 49 Spæctrum ArtsWebsite
Percussive GuitarPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)28 No$ 16 Sonic ZestWebsite
PhoenixSound design2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)17 No$ 34 Frozen PlainWebsite
PipesPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)346€ 12 AudioThingWebsite
Piscina MirabilisSound design2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)42 No€ 14 AudioThingWebsite
Pong GlockenspielPercussion instruments2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)8 No€ 8 AudioThingWebsite
Project AlphaSound design2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)200 No$ 149 HybridTwoWebsite
Project BravoSound design2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)200 No$ 149 HybridTwoWebsite
ReflectionCinematic/Hybrid2016 Kontakt (Native Instruments)200 No£ 59.95 ResomonicsWebsite
Requiem LightChoirs2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)89 No$ 269 SoundironWebsite
Requiem ProfessionalChoirs2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 569 8dioWebsite
REVCinematic/Hybrid2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1000 No$ 199 OutputWebsite
Rhapsody: Orchestral PercussionPercussion instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)8 No$ 199 Impact SoundworksWebsite
Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian ChoirChoirs2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 165 Strezov SamplingWebsite
SatelliteSynthesizer2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)2 No€ 14 AudioThingWebsite
Scenes From The MultiverseSound design2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)29 No$ 59.00 Audio ImperiaWebsite
Schranz VS Hardcore Techno (Sample Pack WAV)Drums2020 SFZ Player6 No$ 24.90 SoundsLoops.comWebsite
Sensual SaxophoneBrass2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 20 EmbertoneWebsite
Shire WhistleWinds2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)4 No$ 20 EmbertoneWebsite
SignalSynthesizer2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)500 No$ 199 OutputWebsite
Signor Paganini Solo ViolinStrings2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)2 No$ 44.99 Simple Sam samplesWebsite
Simple FluteWinds2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No 0 FreeFluffy Audio Download
Snaps and ClapsDrums2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)72 No€ 12 AudioWieselWebsite
Soaring stringsStrings2016 Kontakt (Native Instruments)14 No$ 249 Musical SamplingWebsite
SOLSTICE: GreenSound design2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)140 No$ 79 ZapZornWebsite
Storm Choir 1Choirs2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)2 No$ 210 Strezov SamplingWebsite
SubBasses2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)10 No€ 6 AudioWieselWebsite
SX1500Synthesizer2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No€ 10 AudioThingWebsite
Tank drumPercussion instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)7 No€ 30 AudioThingWebsite
Tape StationSynthesizer2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No€ 10 AudioThingWebsite
Temple of MercurySound design2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)245€ 14 AudioThingWebsite
TerracottaPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)25 No$ 25 Frozen PlainWebsite
The Bass PedalsOther keys2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 19.99 Bad Cat SamplesWebsite
The ContainerPercussion instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)26 No€ 49 Spæctrum ArtsWebsite
The ForgeCinematic/Hybrid2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)200 No$ 189 Epic SoundlabWebsite
The Forge PlayerCinematic/Hybrid2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 39 Epic SoundlabWebsite
The Indi GlockPercussion instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 19.99 Bad Cat SamplesWebsite
The Lucky HarpPlucked instruments2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)2 No$ 24.99 Bad Cat SamplesWebsite
The Mini KeysOther keys2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No 0 FreeBad Cat Samples Download
The Music BoxOther keys2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)11 No$ 19.99 Bad Cat SamplesWebsite
The PerformachordOther keys2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 19.99 Bad Cat SamplesWebsite
The stroh violinStrings2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No 0 FreeImpact Soundworks Download
Thrash DIGuitars2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 49 SampleOddityWebsite
Tiny GrandPianos2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 25 EmbertoneWebsite
Tomato Paste KalimbaPercussion instruments2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)19 No$ 15 EmbertoneWebsite
Toy BarsOther keys2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)8 No€ 8 AudioThingWebsite
Toy MarimbaPercussion instruments2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)64€ 10 AudioThingWebsite
Toy PianoPianos2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)106€ 8 AudioThingWebsite
Trio Broz – Solo CelloStrings2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 109 Fluffy AudioWebsite
Trio Broz – Solo ViolinStrings2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 129 Fluffy AudioWebsite
TroparChoirs2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)2 No$ 69 Strezov SamplingWebsite
TX-101Synthesizer2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)6 No€ 18 AudioThingWebsite
Typewriter of Prince GeorgeSound design2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)30 No$ 16 Sonic ZestWebsite
Venus Symphonic Women's ChoirChoirs2012 Kontakt (Native Instruments)40848$ 399 SoundironWebsite
Victorian Music BoxOther keys2013 Kontakt (Native Instruments)9 No 0 FreeFrozen Plain Download
Vintage Toy PianoPianos2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)51 No$ 1.01 Simple Sam samplesWebsite
Vintage UprightPianos2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No$ 49.99 Simple Sam samplesWebsite
VOXOS Epic ChoirsChoirs2010 Kontakt (Native Instruments)3 No$ 499 CinesamplesWebsite
Weird Ambient StuffSound design2010 Kontakt (Native Instruments)110 No$ 29 Fluffy AudioWebsite
Weird Ambient Stuff 2Sound design2014 Kontakt (Native Instruments)50 No$ 49 SampleOddityWebsite
Whoosh machineSound design2015 Kontakt (Native Instruments)1 No 0 FreeSonic Faction Download
WoodPercussion instruments2011 Kontakt (Native Instruments)174€ 8 AudioThingWebsite

About sample library database

Sample library database was designed because of the trend of many small sample library developers and since the number of sample libraries is growing stronger every year it has become really hard to find all of the information on one place. Sample library database was designed to be a public listing for and by sample developers.

Note: It will always be free to list your sample library with us. The links to your products will never become commercial.

Adding a library

You can submit a your library here. If you do not have a password already then please contact us at info[at] Please try to be as accurate as possible in your listings. Do not use any superlatives in any of the fields.