Thanks to Alex Pfeffer for these two part series on percussion grooves.

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Alex Pfeffer is an award winning professional composer and sound designer from Hamburg, Germany.

At the age of 14 he started to make music, bought his first electric guitar, took six years of private guitar lessons and finally in 1997 went to L. A. to study music at the Los Angeles Music Academy.

After graduation in 1998 and coming back to Germany, Alex worked as a private guitar teacher for around two years.
During that time he founded his project studio “The CellarRoom” and finally, in the year 2000, started to work as a composer and sound designer.

In 2005 Alex joined Dynamedion, Germany’s leading sound design company for video games.

Since then he created audio for companies such as NASA, Boeing, 20th Century Fox, Motorola, Electronic Arts, Midway and composed music and sound for countless movies, video games, licensing, trailers and other multimedia projects.