Composer Zack Hemsey

Check out our interview with Zack Hemsey.

To describe the work and success of 27-year old composer and music producer Zack Hemsey is to describe the current state of music. Inventive. Dedicated. Original.

Zack represents the up-and-coming talent who are working “in the box” using software like Apple Logic.

Also as an independent artist, Zack has been releasing his own studio albums online, which combine elements of film score, hip-hop, and world instrumentation.

Last year, Zack composed the original track “Mind Heist” for the trailer of the Oscar winning film “Inception,” letting the world see his true potential. Zack has continued to create memorable musical themes that capture the audience’s attention through his work in trailers for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, Ben Affleck’s The Town, and David Schwimmer’s Trust.

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