Eris by Composer Tools is a Next Generation Atmospheres Creator designed to be both extremely powerful and surprisingly simple in use.

This unique and intuitive scoring tool is a must have for those who expect deep tones and huge evolving spaces in their productions… bringing a new level of deepness to your scores with a simple touch of a key.

Based on Composer Tools’ innovative ACT ENGINE, Eris automatically generates atmospheres and landscapes allowing you to focus on composing.

Its massive library, a full source of mainly dark & mysterious sounds opens up endless possibilities for versatile and beautifully rich ambiences with a unique “sound painting” impression. Eris mixes power and simplicity making it instantly inspiring when searching for coherence and smoothness across the sonic palette…

Bend, Blend and Automate Your Sonic Adventure

With 14GB of samples contained in almost 2,700 waves files, Eris is jam packed with a wealth of inspirational base material for you to work from.

However this is only the beginning of a much larger sonic adventure thanks to the libraries superb arsenal of sound shaping tools that are designed to bend, blend and automate your creations into never before heard sounds!

So What Exactly Could You Do With Eris?

Thanks to its 14GB of sample content consisting of mainly dark & mysterious sounds, Eris offers endless possibilities of creating versatile and beautifully rich ambiences.

Its perfect for creating huge, dark atmospheres and soundscapes, but in particular its great for the following styles of music:

  • Underscore – mysterious
  • Underscore – thriller
  • Underscore – crime
  • Underscore – suspense
  • Ambient music
  • Sound Design (use the XY pad to combine and morph sounds into new ones)

Listen to the demos to hear it in action:


The full version of Kontakt 5.4.1 or above is required. This product is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.