Composer to Composer is a serie where John DelVento interviews intermediate-level composers and really picks their brains about the important and formative parts of their careers.


Episode 2: The Music

Robin Hoffman has worked on several feature film scores, including SAVE ANGEL HOPE, TELL, MORGEN IHR LUSCHEN and LIEBLING, LASS UNS SCHEIDEN. He co-composed the award winning musical DÄLLEBACH KARI and orchestrated highly successful game music scores such as ANNO 1404, BLACK PROPHECY and HALO LEGENDS. Besides his work for media he also writes music for several international artists such as SARAH CHANG, THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, THE LOVEBUGS and others.

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1:00 — “Tell us about your musical journey and how you got started.”

17:49 — “Tell us about your writing process, from idea to full orchestration.”

20:34 — “How do you hear melodies and then work in Sibelius?”

23:35 — “What resources are there to learn about orchestration and instrumentation?”

27:24 — “Tell us about your instrumentation choices and your process of creating a sound palette.”

30:39 — “Tell us about the differences between European and American orchestras and scoring stages since they seem to be much more common in your part of the world.”

36:50 — “Tell us about your opportunity to record your Violin Concerto with the LSO at Abbey Road!!”

41:20 — “Talk a little bit about your online presence and any networking you do.”

48:30 — “Why is Soundcloud so important to you and how do you use it so effectively?”

49:47 — “Would you ever find yourself going out to LA?”

52:46 — “Go ahead and promote whatever you want! This is a fun one ;) ”

53:23 — “What advice could you give to an aspiring film composers?”

56:06 — “From your traditional perspective, what do you think the future of film scoring is and how do you feel about this epic trailer music craze?”

1:04:53 — “Do you think today’s listeners can handle a serious film score?”

1:07:07 — “Do you think directors don’t trust more artistic composers these days in order to be safer?”

1:07:48 — “What instrument do you play?”

1:08:04 — “How do you utilize piano when writing music and figuring out melody / harmony?”

1:08:47 — “How do you hear and realize harmony?”

1:09:37 — “What are some Robin Hoffman orchestration tricks?”


1:13:59 — “Take us through how you wrote this piece.”

1:26:31 — “Do you work with any music libraries?”

1:29:04 — “Do you work with sequencers at all?”