Cinematique Instruments releases Mandolin

The Instrument
The Mandolin is a small string instrument which evolved from the lute family in Italy during the 17th and 18th century. It is usualy plucked with a plectrum and has 4 chourses of doubled metal strings, usually tuned in perfect 5th. Our mandolin instrument is a flat back soprano Mandolin from Ireland and is tuned like a violin in G-D-A-E.

The Content
Our main focus was to create an Mandolin instrument which deliveres a natural and organic feel. Our instrument provides two different plucking sounds, „Plucked 1″ sounding more clean and detailed while „Plucked 2″ sounds more intimate and warm with a focus on the course string sound. Furthermore the ‘Plucked 1’ articulation is equipped with a very powerful and organic tremolo feature which allows you to play easily the Mandolin in the typical „tragic” tremolo style.
In addition to that we programmed a strumming engine which performs patterns based on the pressed keys. This is best suitable for accompanying your song or music.

It is very easy to use – you only need to draw your pattern in the sequencer and flip between deadnotes and open strokes – that’s it. But you are also free to strum manually by selecting the ‘strummed’ articulation and play around with the keyswitches.s
Finally we added some editing and fx features which lets you shape the general sound as well use different reverb types. All in all the Mandolin is an instrument which lets you easily and quickly play to your music and enriches it with a natural and organic feel.
For further information especially in terms of the functions in detail, please read the manual – downloadable below.

The Package
One complex patch providing four articulations including tremolo and strumming. For more details please go to

Kontakt 4.22 full version is required
The pricing is 36 €/ $38