We are very proud to release 4 very different kinds of pianos – each one with a strong character suitable for lots of purposes. Wether you are looking for a warm piano that creates intimacy to fit in your sound or looking for a strong upright with lots of options, the Charakter Piano Collection offers you a variety of 4 Pianos.

Our Charakter Piano Collection features four wonderful Pianos. Each one with its own special character, there is the …:

Practice Piano:
The practice Piano is definitely more than a piano you use for practice. Recorded in the academy for arts in music in Brisbane/ Australia we are coming out with a piano that sounds real and vibrating. It is very raw and comes along with a „granny” options that morphes its sound to an old Yamaha piano out of the cellar, where one of us did his first steps :) The sound dirty and vintage.

Upright Piano:
This is our lovely and beloved Zeither & Winkelmann Piano. Our own studio piano is a bright and high quality upright piano for contemporary uses. With editing functions reduced to the main need, you do not have to tweak a lot to get the sound you are aiming for. A nice and warm Piano sound that works just fine for everything.

Intimate Piano:
Intimate Piano is a completely new recorded set of samples of this mentioned Zeither & Winkelmann upright piano. We recorded the piano with two different sets of mics. One version was recorded with a pair of condesnser mics in the floor area of the piano and the other was done by a field recorder lying on the ground of the it. We have restricted ourselves to record just a very low and gentle velocity level of the piano. This kind of playing along with the unique recording setting results into its charming, warm and intmate sound.

Soundboard Piano:
The soundboard piano is based on the deconstructed piano. We picked certain carefully sampled layers an put them into new instrument. You have a knob that lets you morph the sound, so it fits individually in your mix. With the soundboard you get a whole new Piano that sounds somehow familiar but completely different.

The Content:
The Charakter collection includes four Pianos with different editing options.
Each of the Pianos offers control over the highs and the lows frequencies. You can push it to the maximum and it still gives you an original Piano sound that does not sound processed, at all.

All of our Pianos come with eight wonderful reverbs, for every purpose: – Plate, Chamber, Analog, Room, Church, Space, Rich, Stage. – The ‘Practice Piano’ as well as the ‘Intimate Piano’ provides an „add noise” knob, which adds some organic string noise attack to the piano. All the pianos are coming along with their own special sound shaping option which are special and individual:

The ‘Practice Piano’ provides ‘Granny’ which lets you add to a new lightly detuned Piano. It morphs together and creates a sound that feels very old, vintage & warm.

The ‘Intimate Piano’ provides an ‘Add Pot FX’ knob which mixes a weird percussive sound to the piano coming from pots. This gives you a harder attack.
The ‘Upright Piano’ has ‘Warmth’ The name explains itself and enriches your sound, to get the upright sound you like. Add Bottom: We placed another mic on the Piano. Here how the Piano sounds even brighter by slowly turning this knob.

The ‘Soundboard Piano’ comes along with ‘Felt morph’ morphes the hammer sound to a felt mallet hit sound. The option ‘Add Perc’ adds a layer of 12 different percussive sound which are also coming from striking on the soundboard spread over the entire range. You can jump through the sounds, the ‘Soundboard Piano’ give you an own special impression.

Charakter Piano Collection comes with four pianos in four patches. Each one with four editing functions and eight different Reverbs. By purchasing you get 4 different new and strong charakter pianos !

The pricing is 88 EUR – during the CINEMATIQUE XMAS period it is just 60 EUR.