The interview

You guys recorded a lot of different sound sources for the libraries in the Cinematic Series bundle. Any behind-the-scenes stories you could share from your recording sessions? Also which recording session was the most fun to do?

We actually have a lot of cool memories with the process of recording the sources for the “Construction Kits“. Starting with “Cinematic Metal“, we sneaked around at night, looking for open containers in the nearby Rhine River industrial harbor to smash the doors. Once we hit the container with all kind of things the sneaking part was pretty much over and we were afraid that some workers or security might catch us. None showed, though – it appears security standards in that particular harbour are pretty lax.

We jumped around on a metal jetty at night (again wondering when the cops would show up) and we ruined the floor of a motion capturing hall because we dropped railway pieces from 3m to the ground. We had asked if we could do that and the owner was fine with it plus we thought the cover we used was enough. But it wasn’t – railway pieces are really heavy…

For the “Cinematic Trailers” library we actually asked permission to record some things in a quartz-pit and we asked if we could shoot some fire arrows. Security and the responsible guy for that day told us it was fine, but once the owners heard about it we got a letter telling us we were banned to enter the grounds for lifetime. We don’t even know what we did wrong.

That session was a lot of fun, though. It was a surreal area, only made of bright white sand dunes, surrounded by normal sand and forest in the distant. We also recorded a lot of fire whooshes indoors, just to find out how bad that was later in the shower when we had black stuff coming out of our noses. Another cool thing of course were the orchestra recordings for the “Cinematic Trailers”. Nothing really to talk about there, but it is always impressing when a whole orchestra plays your scores live.

For the “Cinematic Hits” we tried to get some large things in weird places to create interesting hit sounds. We had access to a church and were able to smash the doors in there, we recorded hits on large industrial elevator constructions and huge metal wine barrels from the inside and outside.

We also recorded tons of drums for that one at different locations and had access to a 200sqm recording studio whose owner again allowed us to be a bit rougher on his floor than a band would be. There was a client in that studio one day who came to us and said: “I was just told you are the guys from the Boom Library? That is amazing, I love your stuff!” – that was quite funny. That is only a very little part of our experiences, we had a lot of fun and awkward situations.

How thoroughly did you prepare, plan and schedule the recording sessions for all the libraries in the Cinematic Series bundle? Did you have a clear list of what you needed to record or did you just come up with some general guidelines and then started to experiment?

We plan our libraries pretty carefully. But it works hand in hand: we think we might need some sounds like this and that for the “Construction Kit” to create the “Designed” edition of the library as we have it in mind. Then we make a list for the content of both editions. Of course we have to start with the “Construction Kit”. We try to make it as complete as possible before we start the Design process in order to get more variety. But it is always the same: during the sound design process we discover that something is missing.

Then we go back and fill up the “Construction Kit” with new recordings to get more sources for the designed sounds. So it is kind of both: we have a list of specific things, we have some thoughts in the list as well like “something high cracking for impacts to sweeten it up in the high end” plus things we have to catch up on for the designed sounds. Also, not all the things that are written down on paper make it into the final library, because we just thought they might sound good but turn out to be worthless. We also take some time to experiment for each library in addition to that, to check if some weird things are worth to explore.