Sound Designers

Asbjoern Andersen (Epic Sound) interview

Remember the value of custom content. There are so many ways of finding sound for your projects these days – but in my mind (and I might be slightly biased), there’s nothing better than using custom-created sound. It gives you material that’s created to exactly match your requirements and fit with your project and vision. It also gives you a unique brand asset that you can use going forward.

Jim Welch interview

In general try and receive criticisms well. It will often seem wrong or unnecessary at the time, and while sometimes that is the case, most of the time the feedback will lead you to a product both you and the client are happier with.

Daan Hendriks interview

"Don’t give up". This is a buyers market unfortunately: there are way, way more aspiring or even experienced but unfortunate (made redundant due to company closures) audio designers out there than there are jobs available. On the same token though, the game industry is growing very fast and in all sorts of different directions.

Durk Kooistra interview

To be perfectly honest I don't feel I am the person to be giving life lessons here. I do however have plenty of tips and tricks I share on my blog ( One thing that's always good advice is; never give up. If you want to make a living doing what you love it sometimes means you will be disappointed, put down or get frustrated with yourself. Persistence pays of.

Charles Maynes interview

My favorite quote for sound comes from Randy Thom, who has been a lovely influence and friend in my career. He says that "it's great to be able to make mistakes when going through the period of creative discovery, but that you should try to have those things be as inexpensive as possible".