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Dear friends.

The past five years, our audio industry have raised more than $94.000 for Save the Children through software and hardware auctions in an annual fundraising here on the forum of KVR Audio. Last year alone, we raised an amazing $31.366 breaking all former years. Let’s do another charity run and once again, the funds we raise will be marked the refugee children from the Syrian war who are living in camps in nearby countries as Jordan and Lebanon. They need food, warm clothes and blankets, winter is coming and the situation is probably worse than ever. 4.8 million people have fled the Syrian war, half of them are children (according to UNHCR).

Here’s a diploma collage I made for the past five years: Charity Diploma’s 2011-2015

See the short clip below, it’s one of the poor children at ‎Fallujah displacement camps, hours after she and her family escaped ISIS. That video is printed in my mind… she tries so hard to keep up a smile but her eyes water up when she recalls that her father died :( it is her refugee brothers and sisters we are doing this for!

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