SPLAT! POW! BLAM is the tag line of the latest Boom’s sound effects library called Toons. As you can suspect this library is all about cartoonish sounds.
The whole features around 7 GB of various objects and instruments performed in different ways. This time around you only get construction kit which makes sense and to be honest I prefer it that way.

There are around 500 files with multi takes which rounds to around 3000 sounds. Multi takes also offer a lot of variety in the sense of how the sounds were recorded and performed. The whole library is delivered at 96 KHz and 24 bit.

For the price of 200 EUR you do get appropriate amount of content. It doesn’t feel you are being cheated for that amount of money. Plus, the sounds can be used in other ways/genres as well. For instance, explosions sound pretty damn good and can be used anywhere where this type of sound needed. I would dare to say, that you will use them more in other projects rather than in animation.

Another example, are punch sounds. They feel a bit out of place, sound wise. The sound reminds me of Punch sound effects library by The Sound Keeper. You can read the review here.

There is also plenty of instrument sounds from harmonicas to guitars to trombones, all performed in a more quirky, fun way to make them sound more cartoony. These are very genre specific but can be used in other projects with additional sound editing. For instance, pitching trombones can give you a nice abstract car engine.

In terms of sound quality I have to say it is hard to fault with Boom libraries. Yes, not all of their libraries are perfect but Toons really do sound great. It is not a perfect library (not sure there is one) but the amount of great sounds is far greater than not so great ones.

Video example

In the video example I have only used sounds from Boom Toons. Sounds weren’t modified and no effects applied. Image below shows the project.



As with all Boom libraries you get a detailed metadata. If you are interested in the metadata and sound list, you can download the file here. Images below show metadata in Reaper, Metadata Touch and Soundly.

Metadata Touch Reaper Metadata Soundly Metadata


Toons is a great library but also very genre oriented. There is enough content and variety to justify the 200 EUR mark. As I have mentioned beforehand, it is hard to fault with quality of Boom Library. The sounds sound great and some sounds can be used anywhere. If you are not working on cartoons or animation this library is probably not on your “must have” list. But, if you do then you should really check it out.

Video credits

Sudden Fried Chicken (Public domain)

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