BOOM Library releases Wetlands

(September 1st 2015, Mainz, Germany) – Fresh and ever fascinating: WETLANDS is the ninth SFX library in our remarkable series of high quality nature recordings by Emmy-winner and nature recording genius Gordon Hempton – The Sound Tracker®. He has searched the globe for more than three decades to record nature at its most pristine.

WETLANDS hold genuine treasures and outstanding sonic shapes: ever-changing with the arc of the sun, they are sonically diverse and offer great signal strength. At the same time, they are one of the trickiest habitats to record – all the more well worth the effort. As used here, WETLANDS include places with standing fresh water such as swamps, marshes, ponds, and lakes. In fact, it’s the water itself that creates these very special acoustic biospheres – as a propagator of sounds, causing them to travel further and louder due to surface reflections and temperature layers.

Carefully planned and patiently recorded – and topped with favourable luck –, WETLANDS encloses documentation of wildlife and scenery at different day times and intensities. Are you looking for recordings of birds playing and hurrying across the water? Late evening frog concerts? Rainfall lapping on the lake? The slap of a beaver tail? Let these examples give you a fair idea of what this beautiful collection has on its content list.

You shouldn’t miss any of the Quiet Planet SFX libraries (NATURE ESSENTIALS, THUNDER & RAIN, WINDS OF NATURE, PRAIRIES, FLOWING WATER, WAVES, TROPICAL FORESTS, DECIDUOUS FORESTS), but as the nature recording guru himself puts it: “It’s a pilgrim’s journey fulfilled to listen to a wetland.”

With its more than 9 GB, more than 9 hrs and a total of 196 files of high-quality material, WETLANDS is another incredible sound package. All sound files come with detailed content descriptions, have smart metadata with geographic location and indicate which animals are audible (SoundMiner® readable).

The stereo library comes at a regular price of EUR 179,00.
Make sure to benefit from our release discount of 20% and only pay a reduced total price of 143,20€ until September 4th!

Surround Version

There’s nothing better than surround ambiences. A real surround experience shifts us to truly being there, evokes authentic feelings and leaves us overwhelmed by the opulence of impressions – it’s nothing less than breathtaking, and oh so “normal” at the same time.

The surround version of WETLANDS takes you right there: experience the power of 5.0 surround recordings and not only your ears will jubilate. You won’t lose any of the great content of the stereo version, but will have full access to the unique spectrum of these nature reserves with all their sonic diversity. Let WETLANDS enrich your sound pool and expand your possibilities!

The handling couldn’t be easier: simply drag and drop the interleaved 5.0 surround files in your favorite sequencer and mix them the way you like it. The quality of the recordings is incomparably excellent and – as always – all files come with detailed metadata to increase your workflow. This collection also includes the stereo version and, with a total of more than 24 GB, comes as download or on a USB drive.

The stereo library comes at a regular price of EUR 299,00.
Make sure to benefit from our release discount of 20% and only pay a reduced total price of EUR 239,20 until September 4th!

Expand and deepen your understanding of natural sound spheres – get yourself these extraordinary quality recordings and experience nature in its originality. Add WETLANDS to your pool of resources and be surprised at its rich versatility.