BOOM Library releases UPWELLINGS

Special needs require special libraries. UPWELLINGS is a mini-collection of geothermal sounds from geysers, mineral springs, steam vents, mud pots and fumaroles gargle, spurt, trumpet, boil, and gush with an amazing variety of sounds that are sure to attract listeners and strengthen volcanic sound designs. The library furthermore includes churnings, thuds, bubbly hiss, sloshing brews and an ambient recording.

All 31 sound files have smart metadata indicating at which geographic locations they were recorded (SoundMiner® readable). In addition, there are two useful guides: “Sound Designing with UPWELLINGS” provides helpful tips about where to use geothermal sounds. “How to Record UPWELLINGS” provides professional advice on where to go, when to record, and the best position for your microphones.

The UPWELLINGS stereo version is delivered in 48kHz/24bit High Definition Audio and packed into 1.7 GB. We love to provide you with great flexibility and best quality for heavy editing, pitching and fx processing while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision.

The stereo library comes at a regular price of EUR 49,-.
Make sure to benefit from our release discount of 20% and only pay a reduced total price of EUR 39,- until October 23rd!

Surround Version:
There’s nothing better than surround ambiences. A real surround experience shifts us to truly being there, evokes authentic feelings and leaves us overwhelmed by the opulence of impressions – it’s nothing less than breathtaking, and oh so “normal” at the same time.

The surround version of UPWELLINGS takes you right there: experience the volcanic power of 5.0 surround geyser and fumarole recordings – not only your ears will jubilate. You won’t lose any of the great content of the stereo version, but will have full access to the unique spectrum of these extraordinary locations with all their sonic diversity. Let UPWELLINGS add to your resource pool and highlight your soundscapes!

The handling couldn’t be easier: simply drag and drop the interleaved 5.0 surround files in your favourite sequencer and mix them the way you like it. The quality of the recordings is incomparably excellent and – as always – all files come with detailed metadata to increase your workflow. This collection also includes the stereo version and has a downloadable content of more than 4 GB.

The surround library comes at a regular price of EUR 99,-.
Make sure to benefit from our release discount of 20% and only pay a reduced total price of EUR 79,- until October 23rd!

These sounds are clearly different from “FLOWING WATER”, “WAVES” or any other sounds the earth’s surface produces. They exude an exotic character and inevitably draw your attention to the rich details: “UPWELLINGS” is a unique new nature collection full of curious choruses and diverse, strange sounds that let you experience volcanic locations.

Both versions are available as download only – granting you an easy access to this High Definition Audio material.