BOOM Library releases Silencers

We teamed up with the great SilencerCo, leader in gun silencers innovation, to produce an outstanding SFX library: SILENCERS – a monumental collection of premium sound recordings of suppressed gun shooting.

The Designed version comes with ready-to-use SFX: these weapon recordings are perfectly mixed, all set for making their way straight into your storyline. Each of the 31 weapons is being delivered in different shooting styles: mechanic, realistic and ricochet, to perfectly fit your specific needs. The Designed version also contains recordings of automatic shooting and impressive gunfire bursts, all silenced of course with the SilencerCo suppressors.

With the SILENCERS Construction Kit, you get our cleaned multi-channel source recordings so you can balance and mix the sounds just the way you want to. As a special bonus, it has lots of additional material of bullet drops, bullet pings, weapon handling, mechanics, ricochets, ricochet fly-bys, tails and whiz-bys. A huge SFX pack with more than 10GB of content.

Make sure to order your copy until September 18th to benefit from our 20% release discount!