BOOM Library releases Medieval

BOOM Library, producer of high-quality sound effects – released their latest product: MEDIEVAL LIFE.

The MEDIEVAL LIFE – CONSTRUCTION KIT offers hundreds of different sound sources from the medieval times to create an exciting audio experience for all the gloomy or bright affairs you have in mind. The MEDIEVAL LIFE – DESIGNED edition is a collection of completely pre-designed and ready-to-use medieval places. The MEDIEVAL LIFE – BUNDLE contains both and it saves you money.

MEDIEVAL LIFE – DESIGNED: The Designed version contains more than 50 ready-to-use files in 96kHz/24bit stereo WAV and again the same sounds as 96kHz/24bit 5.0 surround WAV files, completely pre-designed to build medieval background atmos. Produced by the team of BOOM Library’s sound designers, they give you a toolset of authentic medieval life sound effects of campsites, construction sites, farmyards, courtyards and market places. You will get more than 9+ GB of fresh sound effects – all in different sizes, multiple variations and long enough to loop them without sounding repetitive.

The MEDIEVAL LIFE – DESIGNED collection comes at a price of 99 euros.

MEDIEVAL LIFE – CONSTRUCTION KIT: As the sounds are meant to create a convincing background soundscape, the source sounds were recorded in distance to the microphone to capture the original medieval environments and to provide you with an open room environment right from the start without having to add complex reverb or impulse responses. The MEDIEVAL LIFE – CONSTRUCTION KIT with hundreds of single stereo source sounds from the categories ACTION, CRAFT, ANIMAL, WORK, VOICE, MECHANIC as well as hundreds of LOCATION recordings has a size of more than 34 GB. All files come in 96kHz/24bit HD sound quality. As always, all files (Designed and Construction Kit version) contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible.

The MEDIEVAL LIFE – CONSTRUCTION KIT comes at a price of 199 euros and together with our DESIGNED version in the form of the MEDIEVAL LIFE – BUNDLE the discount price will be 199,20 euros until 16th of May.

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