Boom library releases Cinematic Horror

Terrifying. Unsettling. Evil. The straight essence of anguish and blaze. This new library reaches for shocking extremes: CINEMATIC HORROR is your sweet treat for frightful tricks that captivate the audience. These SFX will have you expect the worst and yet, bring out the best of your evil scheme.

We’ve had the great pleasure to co-produce our new SFX library with Hollywood’s horror genre expert and sound (effects) designer / editor Richard Adrian – a real horror insider! His reference list includes films such as The Hills Have Eyes, Gothika, Thir13en Ghosts, Ghost Ship, House Of Wax, Haunted Hill, Mirrors etc. Besides these horror stories, Adrian also worked on other great productions such as 8 Mile, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, Æon Flux, Swordfish, Four Brothers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and many more. Adrian, who is a self-entitled BOOM Library fan himself, poured his priceless knowledge and creativity into this frightful library.

Following its great CINEMATIC predecessors TRAILERS, METAL, HITS and DARKNESS, the CINEMATIC HORROR library joins our popular and impactful series of SFX for the big screen – in its very own shocking manner.

The CINEMATIC HORROR library will have you gasping for fresh air and longing for daylight. Cold sweat has never felt so sticky before. Without a doubt, this library lets you play the facets of primeval fear on a new level of intensity. Don’t say you haven’t been warned! Yet what are you waiting for?

To describe fear in its wide spectrum, the CINEMATIC HORROR collection hands you various tools. The collection comes as a Bundle consisting of a Construction Kit and a Designed version to meet your needs in the best possible way. The DESIGNED version with pre-designed SFX is ideal for time-scarce projects, and the CONSTRUCTION KIT with its high-quality source recordings is the perfect database for heavy editing, pitching and FX processing – all this to meet your individual needs and time schedules. The BUNDLE combines both versions and gives you full flexibility during the working process. Choose according to your requirements and enjoy these frightful extremes.

With more than 15 GB, more than 370 files and more than 1.700 high-quality SFX, the CINEMATIC HORROR collection is not only a huge new toolbox for your spooky projects, but also another incredibly well-sorted library: all sound files come with detailed content descriptions and have smart metadata (SoundMiner® readable) to equip you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. Delivered in 96 kHz / 24bit, CINEMATIC HORROR grants you high-quality at any time and gives you handy means for intense mental torture.

Regular prices:
· CINEMATIC HORROR Construction Kit: EUR 149,-