Boom library releases Cinematic Darkness

Welcome to the dark side of SFX. Our grand CINEMATIC series enters the next stage: CINEMATIC DARKNESS is here. Make sure you’re prepared for this heavy and grim collection. We didn’t hold back and we didn’t skip the challenge. We didn’t fear the shadows but well, we did warn you. This brand-new SFX library comes at your own risk. It’s nasty, disturbing and unsettling. It’ll cause anguish and fright. It’ll shake you to the core. And with no doubt, it will power your next projects.

You want further proof? Let’s see what we have for you: CINEMATIC DARKNESS is an evil, murky and harsh SFX collection. Its synthetic and edgy character shows through a wide range of dirty blasts, scary drones, heavy booms, digital glitches, weird impacts, atmospheric rises, synthetic screams – take a deep breath -, disturbing stutters, annoying whooshes, tension builders, deep hits, disturbing noise, surreal clashes… and even more. Created in co-operation with sound designer Sebastian Johnson who is known for his work for synthies/samplers such as Waldorf Microwave, Ensoniq, Clavia, DSI, and also for blockbuster trailers such as Gravity, World War Z, Godzilla, The Hobbit, Dark Knight Rises, Rush and much more, our CINEMATIC DARKNESS library is crammed with only the best of murky and dark SFX in highest quality.

You’ve been looking for biting and powerful sounds to implement your ideas? You’ve been wondering where to find this kind of evil excellence? Has your imagination taken you to gloomy settings but there’s been no suitable audio available yet? Are you planning on an action sci-fi movie with lots of special effects, all Hollywood style and you didn’t have access to suitable dim audio sources yet? Good news: here’s what you have been looking for. CINEMATIC DARKNESS takes its rightful place alongside our 3 other CINEMATIC libraries: it’s a huge compilation with more than 15 GB of high-end SFX, delivered in more than 450 files. That’s quite enormous, isn’t it? As a matter of course, all of these SFX again come with detailed Soundminer metadata to enable the easiest and most effective workflow.

The CINEMATIC DARKNESS library comprises two different versions: the “Construction Kit” (149 €) holds high-quality source recordings while the “Designed” version (99 €) comes with pre-designed and ready-to-use sounds. To have full access to all of the CINEMATIC DARKNESS sounds, you’d want to go for the “Bundle” which comes at a fantastic release discount price (159,20 €).

You can either use this library as a stand-alone collection or combine it with any of our other CINEMATIC products (CINEMATIC TRAILERS, CINEMATIC METAL, CINEMATIC HITS) to create all kinds of stunning and unique cinematic soundscapes.

CINEMATIC DARKNESS is the next generation of evil SFX. Take hold of this mad fourth CINEMATIC collection and add a wicked new tone to your sound pool.