Bobo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) has been released in March 2019 by Clever Trick Music.

Music scored by an award-winning Croatian film composer Anita Andreis, will take you through the mystical journey of growth, understanding and acceptance, from a world of fictitious unhappiness to an imaginary world of happiness.

Allow yourself to have this experience by listening to the full release.

Album Release Date: 30.03.2019.

Publisher: Clever Trick Music / ASCAP

About The Movie

Bobo is a story about a journey between two similar and infinitely different worlds within the same universe.

A story of a journey from the world of misconception to a world of knowledge, from a world of inhibition to a world of fearless freedom.
This universal message speaks to all generations regardless of cultural, religious, political, national, ethnic or other contexts.
Movie Credits

Written and Directed by Andrej Rehak
Producers: Vinko Bresan, Kresimir Zimonic, Simon Narath Bogojevic
Executive Producer: Andrijana Vidacek
Sound Design: Damir Roncevic
Sound Advisor: Richard Edgeler

Soundtrack Award:

  • Best Music Award on 27th Days of Croatian Film

“In this days of electronic music, it was quite a refreshment to hear the classical film music, especially when it is in harmony with the nostalgic, supernatural story of the film.

It takes us to childhood and creates a sense of great pleasure.“ – jury explains.

Soundtrack Credits:

Music Score, Orchestration: Anita Andreis
Mastering: Ognjen Cvekic

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