Blizzard Entertainment‘s sound department is looking for a senior sound designer to work on Diablo III. The ideal candidate will need to have extensive experience in sound design and implementation tools and will work closely with the sound supervisor, game producers, artists, and designers to bring their characters, creatures, and environments to life. This person should be comfortable collaborating with game designers to create an audio experience that compliments and melds seamlessly with game-play.

The ideal candidate must have an outstanding ability to not only create excellent, original content, but to successfully utilize our game tools to integrate their work into the final product — ensuring that great concepts make the transition from the microphone to the game on the shelves.


  • A minimum of 6 years’ experience in sound design, development and implementing video game audio
  • Proven skills and a unique artistic “voice” in terms of communicating and furthering a storyline via the medium of sound
  • Experience specifically in creating outstanding sound assets for video games including creature and spell design
  • Experience with live recording sessions, both in the studio and in the field
  • Experience designing and editing sound-to-picture
  • Experience with multi-channel audio formats
  • Experience working with both commercial and proprietary audio, and implementation tools on multiple platforms and workstations, including Pro Tools
  • Able to work with equal effectiveness with a high degree of self-motivation, both solo and as part of a project team
  • Experience using and troubleshooting Windows and Macintosh operating systems
  • Game audio design credits on multiple shipped titles


  • A passion for field recording
  • “Building block DSP” such as Kyma, Max / MSP, or Reaktor expertise
  • Experience developing games that use FMod
  • Previous quality assurance experience

Applicants must submit (i) online demo reel showing work samples.