The internet exploded with sales this week. Here is a list of sound effects libraries on sale.

The Recordist deals
SampleTraxx deals
Antisample deals
The Soundcather deals
Collected Transients deals
Epic Stock Media deals
Sound Ex Machina deals
Airborne Sound deals
Quiet Planet deals
ShapingWaves deals
Foley Collection deals
Thomas Rex Beverly deals
Articulated Sounds deals
Pole Position Production deals
Boom Library deals
Meltedsounds deals – also see our review of the Whoosh here.
Surround Sound lab deals
Online Music Foundry deals
Sound Effects Monkey deals
Glitchedtones deals
– A Sound Effects birthday and Black Friday deals: up to 70% off
Sonniss deals

Do you have a special Black Friday sale? Let us know in the comments below or write to our email.