Best Service and Eduardo Tarilonte releases Mystica

Female Chamber Choir

mysticaMystica – where world class vocalists, the topmost innovative library designer and superior studio gear melt

With Mystica, Eduardo Tarilonte continues his incomparable series of vocal-libraries. This classical chamber choir consists of eight extraordinary female vocalists, delivering a unique, enchanting sound without comparison.

Mystica has been designed as a female-choir-library for unconfined solo use. At the same time, the library forms a perfectly matched mixed choir when being combined with Cantus. Therefore, Mystica has been recorded under identical conditions in spanish KBYO Recording Studios, located in Granada, using eight selected Neumann microphones and Avalon preamps.

To ensure perfect team play of both libraries, Mystica offers the same words and wordbuilder as Cantus. In addition, there is a new possibility for quick exchanges of phrases and wordbuilder-settings between the libraries – in both directions. This way, the combination of Mystica and Cantus forms an impressive tool to create overwhelming choir passages.

Mystica unifies realism and inspiration

This unrivaled choir-library allows creation of incredible realistic choir-phrases with ease. Mystica‘s powerful and innovative wordbuilder combines 24 words in form of 120 elements, consisting of full words, corresponding syllables and five True-Legato vowels (A, E, I, O, U) plus an additional “Mmmh“-articulation.

As in all Tarilonte vocal-libraries, Mystical offers the brilliant and innovative option to combine each word with any of the five True-Legato vowels. This way, realistic sounding vocal phrases can be created without using ready-made phrases.

Nevertheless, Mystica can of course be used as a typical choir-library without its wordbuilder. There is an ample choice of 100 Gregorian vocal phrases, allowing to create sacral atmospheres with ease. In addition, the library offers twelve soundscapes being formed from vocal recordings as well as vocal effects to create unusual sounds.

Mystica Features:

unique „Numen Ensemble“ female choir with eight vocalists
5 GB WAV samples, 24 bit/44.1 kHz
NI Kontakt Player license included – no further sampler required
created with Kontakt 5.3.1
5 “True Legato” vowels (A, E, I, O, U), separate “Mmmh”-articulation
powerful wordbuilder with 24 words and three different articulations (staccato, fast, slow)
words can be separated in 120 short words/syllables
combine words with True-Legato vowels – automatic vowel selection
100 Gregorian vocal phrases
12 soundscapes, moulded from vocal recordings
additional vocal effects
new import/export functions to exchange wordbuilder-patches between Mystica and Cantus
dry recordings, perfect to be spiced up with individual reverberation

Mystica comes with the latest NI Kontakt Player

PRICE: MSRP € 199.- $ 229.- £ 159.-
Available as download as well as “boxed”