“Beep” documentary debut at Game Music Connect 2015

Exclusive preview screening of video game sound and music doc segments featuring Japanese video game composers at international video game music conference in London on September 15

Game Music Connect today announced a world exclusive preview of the video game sound and music documentary “Beep: Big in Japan” will be screened at this year’s international video game music conference returning to The Purcell Room at London’s Southbank Centre on September 15. Tickets are available at www.gamemusicconnect.com.

In a unique Game Music Connect special, “Beep” director Karen Collins will discuss her experience of producing the most comprehensive documentary of game music/audio history ever made, in a session entitled “Beep: Big In Japan”, and will present the world premiere of footage from her in-depth interviews with Japan’s game music royalty, such as composers Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts), ahead of the film’s official release in spring 2016.

As director of “Beep” and a Canada Research Chair in Interactive Audio at the University of Waterloo, Karen Collins heads up a huge and culturally significant undertaking to document the history of video game sound and music through interviews with composers and other game audio professionals from around the globe.

Composers featured in the exclusive preview of “Beep: Big In Japan” include:

* Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy)
* Yoko Shimomura (Mario & Luigi RPGs, Kingdom Hearts)
* Hisayoshi Ogura (Taito sound director behind Legend of Kage, Ninja Warriors, Darius series)
* Shinji Hosoe (Namco sound director turned SuperSweep music producer: Ridge Racer, Street Fighter EX2,3)
* Tenpei Sato (Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Valis, the Disgaea series)
* Yoshino Aoki (Mega Man series, Breath of Fire series)
* Michiko Naruke (Wild Arms series)
* Koichi Namiki (Daytona Racing, Virtua Fighter, Sega Sound Team band)

Now in its third year, Game Music Connect is for aspiring and professional composers of all backgrounds and those interested in learning about the art, science and business of creating today’s cutting edge video game soundtracks. A full list of the Game Music Connect 2015 sessions and speakers are now online at http://www.gamemusicconnect2015.com/?page_id=2. It includes a keynote from Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Director of Music, an interview with key music/audio creatives behind the award winning Alien Isolation, insights from the core team at best of breed orchestral sample library creators Spitfire Audio, and an exclusive appearance from Project Morpheus music pioneers discussing their cutting edge work on music for VR.

Game Music Connect is founded by multi-award winning game and TV composer James Hannigan and celebrated game audio director, composer and industry commentator John Broomhall in order to celebrate and explore the music of video games. For more information and to purchase tickets for Game Music Connect 2015, visit: http://www.gamemusicconnect.com