Cliff Martinez interview

Cliff Martinez sat down with Illio to talk about his transition from rock drummer to film composer, show us his exotic musical toys, and discuss what quality a virtual instrument must possess to appear in his scores. With many blockbuster films to his credit, he knows what he's talking about.

The sound of “Chasing Mavericks”

The SoundWorks Collection talks with the sound team of Director Michael Apted's Chasing Mavericks including Craig Henighan (Sound Re-recording Mixer) Paul Massey (Sound Re-recording Mixer), Bryan Pennington (Dolby Atmos Sound Consultant), and Erin Rettig (Post Production Sound Services, 20th Century Fox Studios) to discuss the process of mixing this film in Dolby Atmos.

Red Ochsenbein interview

Find something you really love doing. If you found it, stick to it no matter how crazy it might seem. Just do whatever makes you happy… Every second lost is lost forever, you never get it back.

Jonas Frederik interview

Creating opportunities for yourself like contacting up-and-coming film directors can do wonders for your career if they like what you do, so keep at it, and keep creating music, demos and stuff people can listen to.