Tom Cusack interview

Things will be easy, and at other times things will be hard. Sometimes a director will say “I hate it!”. You can’t get personal and let emotion get in the way. The hardest part of the job is getting knocked down and picking yourself up. There’s no one other than you who can do that.

Walid Feghali interview

Well, I don’t claim to have the true wisdoms of life, but seriously… Do what you want to do. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you otherwise. If music is what you really want to work, then keep writing it and never stop. Same goes for everything else, really. I study engineering, write music for pay and do concept art. I do all of these, yet I don’t really give a crap of what will be of me in 5 years – I live now, and so do you.

An orchestra of musical instruments made from weapons by Pedro Reyes

Since 2008, mexican artist Pedro Reyes has been turning to weapons as a medium to address the crime rates in his native country by transforming them into objects of social engagement. he first began working with Palas por Pistolas, a campaign which invited citizens of the western mexican city of Culiacán - a city known for high rates of gun-related deaths - to voluntarily donate illegal weapons.

The Sound and Music of Crossfire Hurricane

The SoundWorks Collection talks with the sound team including Cameron Frankley (Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer) Steve Pederson (Re-recording Mixer), Jay Jennings (Re-recording Mixer and Sound Designer), and Jon Michaels (Sound and Music Editor) to discuss the sound and music of Director Brett Morgen’s Rolling Stones Crossfire Hurricane documentary.

Emmett Cooke Interview

Keep going, and don't stop. There are SO many talented people out there and I see so many of them give up over time. No matter what it is, composing, running, flying - keep doing it and you will eventually succeed. That is literally the only one thing that you need in order to succeed - just perseverance.

Agus Gonzalez Lancharro interview

Don´t ever give up and take it seriously if you really want to be successful on this. Networking is a really important but do not act like a jerk. I already know cases of people that are trying to start in the business but their names are already in the “black list” of fellow composers and professionals of the industry.