Sledgehammer Games, co-developers of Call of Duty MW3, is hiring!

Sledgehammer Games was founded with a singular goal: Achieve Excellence. We have a state of the art facility, an industry leading development team, and a studio culture built to promote and support world class game developers. We are actively recruiting top talent for our Call of Duty development team. If you are passionate and driven to do your best work, and have a desire to work on the most successful FPS franchise in the history of video games, please apply online.

Sound Designer – Warhammer Project

Joining one of the most accomplished audio departments in the UK, the Sound Designer’s primary purpose is to aid in all audio content creation, implementation and testing for our newly announced project based in the Warhammer® universe of fantasy battles.

George Strezov interview

Do not be afraid to work and do not whine when you've got too much work to do. Do not forget that there are many available job positions for, say, graphic designers / 2D artists / programmers, but there is usually only one for the composer. So if you have any kind of work as a composer – stick to it, always try giving 110% out of you and it will be paid off sooner or later!

Jesse James Allen’s presentation at Full Sail

Jesse James Allen, Audio Director at EA Sports Tiburon, speaks to the Advaced Interactive Audio students at Full Sail University. His presentation is "Top 10 Game Audio Mistakes". Highlights include "Audio is a one person job", "Audio is easy to integrate", and "Video Game Sound Cliches".